Data Science Learning Journey

I am going to record what I have learnt and milestones about data science.

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An information retrieval platform for GDP, Life Satisfaction and Education Level

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Import SQLite File into SQL Server with Python and ChatGPT

I learn how to use ChatGPT help achieve the connection between SQLite file and SQL Server with Python。

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Normalisation for professors in organisations with SQL Server

I used SQL Server to normalise a informative table. The project focused on details, like primary key, surrogate key, relationship, ON DELETE NO ACTION and so on.

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3 Steps to Clean Data in SQL Server

I change my on-premise SQL tool to SQL Server now. I prepared clean data for data visualisation, there are 3 main steps to do.

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5 Tips to Store an online zip file locally(Python)

In my first blog, I talked about how to create a more structured directory technically, including f-strings, os module, requests and ZipFile library.

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Deep Work Author: Cal Newport

If you want to become a knowledge worker, prioritising deep work is crucial.

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Data Platform Design for Healthcare Research

I used MySQL to create 11 tables for normalisation of clinical data and genetic data. The work is designed for healthcare research.

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BT Customer Churn Influencer

Tool: Python; Power BI

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Boosting Revenues through Strategic Sales Analysis (DataCamp Capstone Project)

Tool: Excel

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Lloyds Bank Customer Profiling

Tool: Power BI                                                            The novypro link:

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Revenue increase strategy analysis for Google merchandise store

Tool: Google Analytics; Google Data Studio

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ESG Analysis for Pfizer

Tool: Python